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Skoda Citigo 2017 – рестайлинг чешского компакта

Skoda Citigo 2017 – рестайлинг чешского компакта

В начале февраля компания Шкода представила обновленный городской хэтчбек Skoda Citigo 2017-2018. Произошедший рестайлинг стал в каком-то роде неожиданностью, так как модель уже пережила легкую модернизацию в середине 2016 года. Правда, тогда все новшества можно было пересчитать по пальцам одной руки, и касались они в основном интерьера. Текущее же обновление стало куда более масштабным, затронув внешний облик, салон, оснащение и комплектации.

Лицезреть рестайлинговую малолитражку Skoda можно будет в марте на Женевском автосалоне. Сразу после презентации (апрель-май) появятся цены, и начнутся продажи хэтчбека. В Россию привозить сити-кар не планируют, так как компакты А-класса традиционно пользуются у нас небольшим спросом. Ориентировочно базовая стоимость модели на домашнем рынке составит порядка 7 тыс. евро (дореформенный автомобиль в трехдверном кузове стоит минимум 6.6 тыс. евро). В нашем обзоре представим фото, комплектации и цены, технические характеристики нового мини-хэтчбека Шкода Ситиго 2017-2018 модельного года.

Перед тем, как приступить к осмотру внешности чешской новинки, укажем ее габаритные размеры. В ходе рестайлинга корректировке подверглась лишь длина машины, увеличившаяся с 3563 до 3597 мм (+34 мм). Остальные кузовные параметры сохранили свои прежние значения: ширина все так же равна 1645 мм, высота – 1478 мм, колесная база – 2420 мм. Дорожный просвет, как и подобает городскому «малышу», весьма скромен – 136 мм.

Обзор автомобиля Skoda Citigo 2017-2018 модельного года

Линейка новых автомобилей Skoda пополнилась новой моделью — обновленным сити-каром Citigo. Автоновинка имеет скорректированную, осовремененную внешность, увеличенную длину кузова, более современное оформление салона. На европейском рынке Citigo появится в конце весны 2017-го года по стоимости от 7700 euro. Официальные продажи Citigo на российском рынке не предвидятся из-за очень низкого спроса на автомобили А-класса.

The all-new Skoda Citigo 2017 in pictures.

Skoda Citigo 2017

One thing that is likely to draw big appeal for potential buyers is the updated safety equipment on board. City Safe Drive provides automatic braking so drivers avoid accidentally bumping into the car in-front. Emergency Brake, an optional feature, will also help to prevent collisions in urban traffic.

Another safety system fitted to the car is the Brake Assist Function.

Moving inside the car, the interior and dashboard has been redesigned. The instrument cluster with speed indicator, rev counter and fuel gauge comes in a new design and is available in two different versions.

Two engine variants are available on the new Citigo, both 1.0-litre petrol

The radio and mobile phone can now be operated on the optional multifunction leather steering wheel without the driver having to remove their hands.

A colour display, six speakers and a Bluetooth connection can be used to play music through your smartphone. The infotainment system is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Powering the Citigo is a choice of two three-cylinder petrol engines both with 1.0-litre capacity.

The Citigo’s interior and dashboard have been redesigned offering new functionality

It makes its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

The entry-level engine is the 1.0 MPI with 60 PS and 95 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. From a standing start, it accelerates the Citigo to 62 mph in 14.4 seconds, reaches a top speed of 100 mph and averages 68.9mpg on the combined cycle.

With the 75 PS 1.0 MPI, maximum torque of 95 Nm is available at 3,000 rpm. The additional power is due to the modified engine control of the three-cylinder model. It accelerates to 62mph in 13.5 seconds, reaches a top speed of 107 mph and averages 68.9mpg on the combined cycle.

Both variant come with a five-speed manual gearbox with start-stop system and regenerative braking.

It makes its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

Behind the wheel

In the modern motoring age of driving assists and autonomous steering, the Citigo offers a driving experience that is nothing short of refreshing. There haven’t been any mechanical changes made to this car over the previous model, which means that it drives just as well as it did.

The steering is light but communicative, while the five-speed manual gearbox has a decent action to it. The engine needs to be worked hard at times – especially when tackling steep gradients – but for most of the time it’s settled and refined – something you wouldn’t expect from a three-cylinder petrol engine.

It’s a basic driving experience, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable one. And if you’re after a car that is happier doing longer miles, then the more powerful engine is the one to go for.

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Best city cars

  • Skoda Citigo
  • Volkswagen Up
  • Hyundai i10
  • Smart ForTwo
  • Renault Twingo
  • Kia Picanto
  • Fiat 500
  • Vauxhall Viva
  • Citroen C1
  • Toyota Aygo

1. Skoda Citigo

Best city car for value for money

Our pick Skoda Citigo 1.0 60hp GreenTech SE L 5dr
Used deals from £4,400
Monthly finance from £90

Cover up the badges and the Citigo looks very much like the VW Up and Seat Mii. That’s because all three are virtually identical.

The interior was improved in 2017, so when all but entry-level Citigo S models gained a smartphone holder, making it easier to use your phone as a sat-nav and entertainment centre: recognition that your gadgets will probably be more advanced than a car that was designed several years ago.

Both petrol engines have enough zip for town driving, but are slow to accelerate and noisy on the motorway. A more powerful 90 horsepower engine, only available in the Volkswagen Up, is better for long-distance journeys. Apart from this, there’s little else to split the Citigo from the Up and Mii. The Skoda is often the better choice simply because it’s generally a little cheaper.

2. VW Up

Best city car for the feel of a bigger car

Our pick VW Up 1.0 75hp High Up
Used deals from £4,990
Monthly finance from £101

Volkswagen has taken the ingredients that made its Golf a success and downsized them into the Up. This looks like a conventional car and behaves like one, with a smooth ride in town and enough power on faster roads, as long as you avoid the slowest 1-litre engine with 60 horsepower.

There’s space in the back for two adults, for short journeys at least, and the boot is amongst the largest of all city cars too. A recent update has updated the car’s technology, replacing the sat-nav with the option of a VW app that you download to your smartphone which, clipped into a dashboard holder, is then used to navigate.

3. Hyundai i10

Best city car for peace of mind

Our pick Hyundai i10 1.0 SE
Used deals from £4,495
Monthly finance from £91

With a five-year warranty that has no mileage limit, the Hyundai i10 comes with peace of mind as standard, making it impressive even before you’ve tried it for size.

It feels well made and is spacious inside. With the back seats folded down, you’ll have a 1,046-litre luggage area that no other city car can match. Put them up and you’ve got three seatbelts, so you can fit in five – so long as nobody minds rubbing shoulders.

Neither one of the two engines available feel sporty, but the smallest 1-litre motor has enough power in town, while the larger 1.2-litre engine is better if you’ll be taking your i10 on the motorway. The 1.0 SE Blue is meant to be more frugal but only comes in four-seat form and independent testing suggests it’s no more efficient than the standard 1-litre car in real-world driving.

4. Smart ForTwo

Best city car for easy parking

Our pick Smart ForTwo 71hp Prime
Used deals from £4,993
Monthly finance from £101

Not everyone needs more than two seats. And for those that can get by with just a pair, the benefit of driving a small car like the Smart ForTwo is that parking is a doddle.

It means that drivers can laugh in the face of crowded city streets or busy car parks. If you spot a gap, no matter how small, the chances are the ForTwo will fit like a glove – and you won’t come out in a cold sweat as you guide it in. You also sit relatively high up, giving a commanding view of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers around you.

The current-generation car offers the choice of two petrol engines, an automatic gearbox on the more powerful unit, and even an electric model, called EQ. However, the boot is barely any bigger than a handbag, and the car’s short proportions mean that the ride comfort is a little, well, unsettled. That’s the case if you buy the current car or the previous version, which is curvier.

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5. Renault Twingo

Best city car for driving fun and personalisation

Our pick Renault Twingo SCe 70hp Play 5dr
Used deals from £4,700
Monthly finance from £95

Renault is the company best known for putting the va va voom into small cars with its Clio. And a lot of that playful attitude has rubbed off on its smaller sibling, the Twingo.

Designed with a bit more style than your average city car, the Renault Twingo’s looks benefit from a short bonnet because the engine isn’t underneath there — it’s fitted at the back of the car. This helps to make the Renault more manoeuvrable: able to turn in a smaller area than many other city cars. It also makes the car reasonably spacious, although rear passengers will have to make do with windows that pop out rather than wind down, which isn’t ideal for anyone suffering from travel sickness.

6. Kia Picanto

Best city car for the longest warranty

Our pick Kia Picanto 1.0 SE 5dr
Used deals from £4,550
Monthly finance from £84

Kia’s latest Picanto shares its mechanical parts with the Hyundai i10, which means that it offers a similarly-spacious boot and interior, with rear seats that can accommodate adults in relative comfort — providing the journey isn’t too long.

It’s nimble in town and reasonably nippy too. The larger 1.25 litre will happily zip along at motorway speeds, although you’ll need a little bit of patience to accelerate to 70mph. The Picanto is also the city car that offers the greatest peace of mind, thanks to its seven-year warranty that’s 100,000 miles. It applies to the current car, which went on sale in 2017 and cheaper earlier models.

7. Fiat 500

Best city car for retro style

Our pick Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir Lounge
Used deals from £4,290
Monthly finance from £87

Say what you will about the Fiat 500 – it’s far from perfect – you’ll struggle to find anything with more chic and a lower price. Despite passing its ten th birthday last year, it can still turn heads on the high-street and attract envious glances.

The longest gazes are likely to be in the direction of cars in the optimum specification: pastel shades, retro wheel designs and contrasting paint schemes all enhance the car’s style, and with various ways to personalise the interior, you can elevate it to catwalk status — but watch out for the less tasteful combinations on the used market. All 500 models have two doors, and it’s one of the few city cars available as a convertible.

There are two engines, a 1.2 and a 0.9 available in two power outputs. The 1.2 is cheaper while the 0.9 has more power, but no better fuel economy in the real world — no matter what the official figures suggest.

8. Vauxhall Viva

Best city car for space at a low price

Our pick Vauxhall Viva 1.0 SL 5dr
Used deals from £4,800
Monthly finance from £84

The Viva may not do much to set your pulse racing or turn the neighbours green with envy, but it is fair value for money and comes with plenty of equipment. Cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, and split-fold rear seats are included. If you want air-conditioning, the list price of SE A/C models is £500 more. If a sat nav is your feature of choice you’ll need to spend more on the SE Nav.

The back of the Viva is roomy enough for three people, although don’t expect the biggest boot; something had to give. The model is best in town, where its 1.0-litre engine feels nippy. Take it on a motorway and it becomes noisy, and you’ll constantly be changing gear unless you can keep a steady speed.

9. Citroen C1

Best city car for open-sky driving

Our pick Citroen C1 VTi 72hp 5dr Flair
Used deals from £4,350
Monthly finance from £87

The Citroen C1 was developed together with the Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo. It means than beneath the surface, they have much in common. However, the C1’s design is more distinctive than the 108 and the Aygo has the longest warranty at five years, so those are the two that we’d suggest putting on your shortlist.

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Another feature that may appeal is the optional full-length fabric sunroof – a great addition that transforms this humble city car into something decidedly more glamorous — almost like a convertible.

The interior is a mix of interesting styling features but the quality is more cheap and cheerful than impress-your-friends. Space in the back seats, even on five-door versions, isn’t the best in this class. It’s quite enjoyable to drive, with nippy performance in town and responsive steering but longer drives can be a little tiring.

10. Toyota Aygo

Best city car for a design with attitude

Our pick Toyota Aygo VVTi 1.0 x-play 5dr
Used deals from £4,290
Monthly finance from £84

The little car with lots of attitude: that’s the Aygo. Its edgy styling won’t please everyone but those who fall for it will find plenty more to admire – including Toyota’s five year, 100,000 mile warranty.

The Japanese company has thought about how and where these sorts of cars will be used, so all but base versions of the Aygo have a rear-view camera, too, helping to make light work of parking.

Being small and light, it can nip about with vigour, but its small dimensions do make themselves felt inside. No city car has a big boot but some are better shaped than others. Unfortunately, the Aygo’s isn’t one of them. It isn’t exactly spacious in the back either. Cosy is a more accurate description. It’s fine for short journeys but longer ones can be a real chore.

Безопасность Skoda Citigo 2017

Несмотря на свои компактные габариты и принадлежность к бюджетному классу, новый Citigo может похвастаться всеми минимально-необходимыми современному автомобилю системами безопасности, в числе которых:

  • Антиблокировочная система;
  • Система курсовой устойчивости;
  • Трёхточечные ремни безопасности;
  • Фронтальные airbag;
  • Передние дисковые и задние – барабанные тормоза;
  • Парктроник (опция);
  • Фирменная система City Safe Drive, в которую включена функция автоматического замедления автомобиля, работающая на скоростях до 30 км/час (опция);
  • Датчики автоматического переключения режима работы фар;
  • Система, удерживающая автомобиль на склоне(опция) и многое другое.

Новая Skoda Citigo вполне может рассматриваться на роль автомобиля для небольшой семьи, так как в ней без труда поместятся двое взрослых пассажиров и ребёнок, при этом никто из них не будет чувствовать себя обделённым в количестве свободного пространства. Однако машина мало приспособлена для дальних путешествий.

It’s electric, will it travel as far?

Powering the Citigo-e iV (yes, the name’s a bit of a mouthful) is a 36.8kWh battery pack that powers a 61kW electric motor. This means you’ll be able to travel for a claimed 140-170 miles on a full charge (depending on the driving mode and the way you drive it), which is less than an equivalent petrol model, but with 210Nm of torque it makes for a nippy little car in town.

If you do need more reassurance in terms of range, you’ll need to up your budget for something like a Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe, but if you just drive around town and have the ability to charge the car at home, the Citigo is almost perfect for the job.

Go for a higher-spec SE L version of the car and it comes with a Combined Charging System (CCS) socket that allows you to charge the car to 80% in around an hour when using 40kW public rapid chargers. Alternatively, charging via a 2.3 kW household socket will take around 13 hours, while a 7.2kW AC public charging station takes four hours and 15 minutes.

Фото Шкода Ситиго

Euro NCAP awarded the Fiat a full five stars when it crash-tested one back in 2007. Standard safety equipment includes seven airbags and Isofix mounting points for child car seats.

Simple is often best when it comes to small cars – and so it is with the Fiat 500. The 69hp 1.2 engine might struggle to pull skin off a panna cotta, but it’s peppy enough for pottering around town and decently economical. The 500 isn’t sporty, or even particularly fun to drive, so why pay more?

Likewise, we’d go for the mid-range Pop Star, rather than the fully-loaded Lounge seen here. With all the options fitted, our test car came to a faintly ludicrous £15,950. You could (and should) get a nice Ford Fiesta for that much.

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