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Subaru Crosstrek 2018: стильный и практичный SUV

Subaru Crosstrek 2018: стильный и практичный SUV

Обзор Subaru Crosstrek 2018: внешний вид модели, интерьер, технические характеристики, системы безопасности, цены и комплектации. В конце статьи — видео панорама Субару Кросстрек 2018 года!

Содержание обзора:

  • Внешний вид
  • Салон
  • Характеристики Subaru Crosstrek 2018
  • Системы безопасности
  • Стоимость и комплектации Субару Кросстрек 2018 года
  • Видео

Весной 2017 года в Нью-Йорке японский бренд Subaru официально представил очередную генерацию компактного паркетника Crosstrek (известен в России под именем XV), рассчитанного на северо-американский рынок. Сразу отметим, что европейский дебют новинки состоялся месяцем ранее в рамках Женевской автовыставки, где автомобиль привлёк много внимания не только со стороны автомобильных журналистов, но и простых обывателей, предпочитающих компактные кроссоверы легковушкам.

Автомобиль получил подкорректированную внешность, улучшенный салон, более отточенную управляемость и более энергоёмкую подвеску, благодаря чему машина отлично чувствует себя как на скоростном шоссе, так и на пересечённой местности.

from the Cars.com expert editorial team

We pitted our former subcompact champion, the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, against three newcomers to the subcompact SUV segment. Is the Subaru still king? Watch the video to find out.

On price, amenities, handling, all-weather safety and versatility, the Crosstrek is hard to beat. At a stoplight, it’s much easier.

The Crosstrek was once the biggest vehicle and best value in the class, but the competition has started to copy its formula.

We liked the original Subaru Crosstrek — an Impreza-based, butched-up, soft-roader hatchback — enough that it won our Subcompact SUV Challenge in 2015. Now, a second-generation Crosstrek has arrived, and while it may look similar to the outgoing one, it is indeed an all-new car. Sitting on the new Subaru Global Platform that will form the basis of nearly all of Subaru’s future cars, the 2018 Crosstrek is more than 95 percent new. Again based on the Impreza, it’s a compact hatchback with exceptional interior SUV-like room and standard all-wheel drive.

Go-Anywhere Looks

The change from Impreza to Crosstrek starts with the parts you can see. The Subaru Crosstrek’s sheet metal shares some panels with the Impreza, but gray plastic wheel arches, bumper covers and rocker panels add some durability to the look. It sits visibly higher than the Impreza, with 8.7 inches of ground clearance.

All the changes, like them or not, really do set it apart from the Impreza; it looks like a very different animal, and this is part of what its customers find appealing, according to Subaru. A lot of customers like that outdoorsy, rugged look — even if far more Crosstreks are sold in urban markets than in rural ones. But that higher ride height helps when dealing with broken pavement and the travails of the urban jungle, as well, such as curbs and potholes. And for buyers who are genuinely outdoorsy, the low overall roof height helps when loading things onto the roof rack.

Fun, But . Show full review

We liked the original Subaru Crosstrek — an Impreza-based, butched-up, soft-roader hatchback — enough that it won our Subcompact SUV Challenge in 2015. Now, a second-generation Crosstrek has arrived, and while it may look similar to the outgoing one, it is indeed an all-new car. Sitting on the new Subaru Global Platform that will form the basis of nearly all of Subaru’s future cars, the 2018 Crosstrek is more than 95 percent new. Again based on the Impreza, it’s a compact hatchback with exceptional interior SUV-like room and standard all-wheel drive.

Go-Anywhere Looks

The change from Impreza to Crosstrek starts with the parts you can see. The Subaru Crosstrek’s sheet metal shares some panels with the Impreza, but gray plastic wheel arches, bumper covers and rocker panels add some durability to the look. It sits visibly higher than the Impreza, with 8.7 inches of ground clearance.

All the changes, like them or not, really do set it apart from the Impreza; it looks like a very different animal, and this is part of what its customers find appealing, according to Subaru. A lot of customers like that outdoorsy, rugged look — even if far more Crosstreks are sold in urban markets than in rural ones. But that higher ride height helps when dealing with broken pavement and the travails of the urban jungle, as well, such as curbs and potholes. And for buyers who are genuinely outdoorsy, the low overall roof height helps when loading things onto the roof rack.

Fun, But Not Fast

Along with the new platform comes a new engine, although its specs will be familiar. Like the last Crosstrek, the new one comes with a 2.0-liter flat-four engine, this one making 152 horsepower and 145 pounds-feet of torque. That’s up slightly in the horsepower department from the past model. Though not turbocharged, it does now feature direct injection. It can be mated to a standard six-speed manual transmission (one gear more than last year’s five-speed) or a continuously variable automatic with a stepped-gear function meant to make it feel and sound more like a traditional geared automatic. All-wheel drive is standard for both transmissions.

I sampled both transmissions and have come to the rare conclusion that the CVT-equipped model is the one to have. This is odd given my penchant for enjoying shifting on my own, but the problem here is the engine, not the transmission: My biggest beef with the old Crosstrek was that it couldn’t get out of its own way — it was woefully underpowered with both the manual and automatic. This has not been solved with the new vehicle, as the 2.0-liter engine is still anemic. The engine is just gutless; merging onto a swift-moving highway will be challenging, and don’t even think of attempting to pass anyone on a hill or with a full load of passengers or cargo.

From a standing start, it feels like acceleration can be measured with a calendar. If you’ve already got some momentum built, it’s not quite so bad; the Crosstrek responds quickly when you power through a corner. The CVT is well-matched to the engine, always keeping it on boil if you’re driving aggressively, but you’ll need to be prepared for it to rev its heart out as it tries to deliver what little power it has. There’s little oomph below 2,500 rpm, and it seems to run out a little after 4,000 rpm. If you opt for the manual transmission, you’ll be shifting it like mad to try and keep your speed up even on slight grades. Save yourself the angst and go for the CVT; it’s a much more pleasant experience.

The upside of the underwhelming acceleration is top-of-the-pack fuel economy. The Crosstrek is EPA-rated 27/33/29 mpg city/highway/combined with the CVT, 23/29/25 mpg with the manual. Its 33-mpg highway rating is tops for the AWD class, even besting competitors’ front-wheel-drive models. I question whether anyone will get those numbers in practice, however, as they’ll all likely drive with a heavier foot than normal just to keep up with traffic.

The engine performance is the only blemish on what has become a polished, quiet and surprisingly refined vehicle. Base and Premium trims come with 17-inch wheels, and if you plan on doing any rough-road driving or off-road exploring, this is the combination to have (though you can skip the larger 18-inch wheels, whose lower-profile tires aren’t nearly as bump-absorbing, especially off-road). It’s remarkably compliant on two-track rough roads, soaking up bumps and not transmitting any unpleasant vibrations through the steering wheel. Credit the dramatically stiffer structure of the Subaru Global Platform, which has allowed Subaru to get more creative with its suspension and steering tuning.

On-road or off, the Subaru Crosstrek’s steering is excellent. It uses a quick, 13:1 ratio — much sportier than most vehicles in its class and closer to the BRZ sports car than anything else in Subaru’s lineup. This gives the Crosstrek entertaining handling: It’s eager to turn into curves, communicative when it’s in them and easy to control when you get a little over-eager on dirt roads. Just like the BRZ, it’s slow, but once you build some speed, the car’s handling characteristics make it highly entertaining. Maintain momentum in spirited driving, and it’s actually fun to drive.

Maybe You Don’t Really Need a Jeep?

The Crosstrek is surprisingly capable off-road. Subaru included its X-Mode low-speed off-road feature on the Subaru Crosstrek for the first time (it’s already on the Outback and Forester). When activated at speeds below 13 mph, X-Mode changes throttle, stability control, traction control and all-wheel-drive settings to let you get out of sticky off-road situations, or descend slippery slopes with electronic hill descent control. I climbed some steep quarry slopes and descended them again with the computer controlling much of the car’s powertrain and braking actions.

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It was an impressive performance for a vehicle that’s not really an off-road machine. It has no underbody skid-plate protection, no true creeper gear and no locking axles, plus it wears all-season on-road tires. But if you have to cross some rough terrain to get to your favorite trailhead or river entry, the Subaru Crosstrek will be perfectly capable of getting you there.

Bigger and Better Inside

The new Crosstrek’s cabin is bigger than the last one. Nearly every dimension has been increased, and while it looks familiar, it’s all-new and much improved. The traditional benefits of Subaru interiors remain: a very low beltline and slim pillars, meaning outward visibility is outstanding in every direction. This is helpful on the highway but also useful off-road, as it allows you to see over the hood easily when negotiating tricky terrain.

The Crosstrek is exceptionally roomy compared with competitors like the Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V. It’s far more comfortable, especially for those passengers in the rear seats, but newer competitors like the Jeep Compass and Nissan Rogue Sport are starting to really challenge it in this department.

The same thing is true when it comes to cargo space comparisons. The Crosstrek features 20.8 cubic feet of cargo room, expandable to 55.3 cubic feet with the backseat folded. That’s less than the Honda HR-V, which features 24.3/58.8 cubic feet, but the Honda pays for that with decreased backseat space. The new Nissan Rogue Sport and Jeep Compass both outgun the Crosstrek in cargo space, offering 22.9/61.1 and 27.2/59.8 cubic feet, respectively. The Crosstrek’s advantage is in backseat passenger room, where its width gives it a comfort advantage over any of these competitors.

New Tech, But Not Much of It

Like the Impreza, the new Crosstrek receives Subaru’s next-generation multimedia system. A 6.5-inch touchscreen display is standard and comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Subaru’s Starlink suite of apps that you probably shouldn’t use while driving. Upgrade to a higher trim and you can get an 8-inch display and add navigation by TomTom, as well.

It’s finally a fully modern multimedia system, too. It no longer looks like it’s behind the times, but for a brand that’s going after millennial buyers, it’s curious that there isn’t more tech in this interior. There’s no 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot for passengers’ personal electronics, and there’s only one USB port in the whole car. Those seem like curious oversights in an all-new vehicle targeted specifically at younger buyers.

What tech the Crosstrek does have comes instead in the safety department, where the company’s EyeSight system is optional and include adaptive cruise control. It includes lane departure warning and lane keep assist, as well as forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking. All-wheel drive is also standard in the Subaru Crosstrek, as it is in every Subaru except the BRZ. There are also adaptive LED headlights with high beam assist available.

Prices Remain Appealing

The Subaru Crosstrek is sized like a compact SUV but priced like a subcompact SUV. Its starting price is just $22,710 (including destination fee) for a base 2.0i model with a manual transmission; opting for the automatic transmission adds $1,000. The mid-level Premium trim starts at $23,510, while the top Limited begins at $27,210 and is available only with a CVT. Add all the options, and you’ll top out at $30,655 for a loaded Crosstrek Limited with EyeSight and navigation.

Competitors used to belong just to the subcompact crossover category, including vehicles like the Honda HR-V, Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3, Fiat 500X and Nissan Juke. They’re vehicles priced the same as a Crosstrek, but a little bit smaller — some much smaller. That’s starting to change as automakers expand their offerings. The Nissan Rogue Sport is now a very viable direct competitor in size, content and abilities, as is the all-new Jeep Compass. Compare some of them here.

As small SUVs go, this is a pretty good deal for a well-equipped, fun-to-drive, highly useful little machine. The fact that it’s painfully slow just isn’t important to the hundreds of thousands of buyers who’ve snapped it up in the past five years. Now, all the other attributes that made the Subaru Crosstrek so popular have only been improved.

Most crossovers are more style than substance. The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek flips the script and backs up its outdoorsy image with versatility and capability.

Plenty of crossovers and SUVs look capable, but few are actually 100% up to the task. Sure, some have plenty of cargo space or neat storage features, but few are as truly “outdoorsy” as their image suggests. Subaru is one of the brands with such an image, but its vehicles actually follow through on that image. The shining example of this is the 2018 Crosstrek, a high-riding wagon that’s durable and versatile.

Subaru emphasizes practicality above almost anything else, with safety and efficiency following closely. This is embodied to various degrees in Subaru’s lineup, featuring the capable Forester and upscale Outback. But the Crosstrek, which is based on the Impreza 5-door, boasts rugged additional body cladding and an impressive 8.7 inches of ground clearance.

The Crosstrek first entered the North American market in 2012 as a 2013 model and was, frankly, an instant hit. Buyers loved the concept of a “beefed-up” Impreza wagon, even if that beef was only more ground clearance and a more rugged appearance. The 2018 Crosstrek is the first full redesign for this popular model, and the emphasis is on evolving the concept.

Look and Feel

The new Crosstrek’s front end is more SUV-like; it’s taller and more imposing than the sloped front end of the outgoing model. The headlight design is tighter, and the fog-light bezels and wheel arches feature more pronounced, aggressive cladding. Together, its look evokes more of the outdoor spirit Subaru builds into its vehicles.

The interior of the previous Crosstrek was characterized by basic plastic surfaces, and the new Crosstrek is unfortunately more of the same. The cost of presenting a rugged image and backing it up is that interior surfaces have to be able to take a beating, and hard plastic should last longer than the leatherette you’d find in competitors.

There is a faux carbon fiber look to the interior trim that works. Our test model has supportive, firm seats with good bolstering and sharp orange accent stitching. The look pays off, so long as you are going for rugged. You might be afraid to toss a muddy mountain bike in the back of an upscale crossover like the Mazda CX-5, but the Crosstrek will gladly take all sorts of wet, muddy gear.

Trims for the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek are Base, Premium, and Limited. The Base Crosstrek comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, integrated roof rails, and little else—manual seats, power windows, 60/40 split-fold rear bench, and the 6.5-inch StarLink infotainment system round out the list.

The Premium trim adds fog lights, heated front seats, a windshield-wiper deicer, heated side mirrors, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and cloth seats with orange stitching. It also comes with auto on/off headlights, and the stereo is upgraded from four speakers to six.

Moving up to the Limited trim, you still get orange stitching, but on leather seats. The Limited also comes with automatic climate control, a large 8-inch StarLink screen, 18-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry with push-button start, and LED headlights that turn with the steering wheel.


The Crosstrek employs the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine from the Impreza hatch. Like all Subaru engines, it’s horizontally opposed, which gives it a low center of gravity. It makes 152 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque, sent through either a 6-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission (CVT) to all-weather symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD).

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The manual is standard on the base and Premium, while the CVT is available on those trims, but it’s the standard transmission option for the Limited. The version that is optional on the Premium and standard on the Limited comes with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Considering there are no “gears” in a CVT, these are simulated shift points to emulate a manual shift mode.

With the manual transmission, fuel economy is 23 mpg city, 29 highway, 25 combined. If you opt for the CVT (and many will), fuel economy improves to 29 city, 33 highway, 29 combined. In our time testing many cars, the general consensus is that many cars are unlikely to live up to fuel-economy projections. But in our week with the Crosstrek, we were very impressed to observe fuel economy of 31 mpg.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises with the Crosstrek is its driving dynamics. Although it’s far from a sports car, it accelerates well. CVTs typically have an “elastic band effect” that plagues acceleration, but Subaru has really dialed in its CVT. There are some limits to acceleration when you’re at cruising or highway speeds, but the Crosstrek has a nice jump off the line that will pay dividends in real-world city driving.

Subaru seems to have addressed the issues that were associated with the first car, including improving the CVT. It’s still not perfect at accelerating from 50 to 80 miles per hour, but it is an improvement. One of our own staff members noted that his personal Crosstrek’s suspension almost feels brittle at times. There is none of that feeling on the new car, and it feels rather composed.

In cornering, the Crosstrek stays level, and steering is responsive and direct, yet it absorbs shocks in the road very well. Think about areas that have poor roads, like Boston, Vermont, or Michigan, and you can see how the Crosstrek is the ideal car for all seasons.

X-Mode and Hill Descent Control are optional on Base and Premium trims and standard on the Limited. Hill Descent Control modulates the ABS and throttle to act like cruise control for the trail. X-Mode has been previously featured on the Outback and Forester and gives Subaru some decent off-road chops compared to other small SUVs and wagons. X-Mode works with the accelerator, brakes, and Vehicle Dynamics Control to reduce power to the wheels to the point where the car can get positive traction. X-Mode is ideal for going into gravel, sand, or mud, and can even be used for snow.

Take all that together, and you get a general feeling of total composure. The Crosstrek is quite responsive and handles well but has just a bit of softening over all its dynamics to make it a more appealing car to the masses.

Form and Function

At the rear of the Crosstrek is a new taillight design. The new versions are wider, but split into two parts, with half on the hatch and half on the body. This replaces the old taillights, which used to jut into the hatch area and cut into the hatch. Thanks to the new taillights, the hatch is now 4 inches wider, so you can cram bigger gear in there.

Open the hatch and lower the 60/40 split-fold rear seats, and you have up to 51.9 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s actually the same number as last year and not nearly as much as compact crossovers like the Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue, but it’s more than you’d get with subcompact crossovers like the Mazda CX-3 and Toyota C-HR. The new Honda HR-V beats it, but once you get into the realm of “subcompact crossover,” you should expect that cargo space will not be very ample.

Backseat space is pretty solid; the Crosstrek actually provides more head- and legroom than some compact SUVs, like the Mazda CX-5. In all, the Crosstrek has enough space for people and cargo to make it useful on the daily commute and the weekend getaway.

Tech Level

Subaru’s infotainment system is called StarLink—a reference to the brand’s constellation logo. The Base and Premium come with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, while the Limited comes with a larger 8-inch screen.

The StarLink screen is easy to use, featuring bright, multicolored icons and easy-to-read fonts. Below the screen is a helpful Home button, and it’s joined by Radio, Media, and Apps buttons for quick navigation through the menus.

StarLink even lets you create shortcuts on the home screens to items you use a lot. I quickly made a shortcut for Bluetooth Audio so I could play music off my phone with the push of a button.

The Premium test version we drove did not have navigation, but we were able to connect an iPhone to use Apple CarPlay. This also allows for easy access to podcasts, music apps like Spotify, and of course, Apple Maps to navigate. The benefit of apps like CarPlay and Android Auto is that you don’t need to spend the extra money on packages like a navigation system, and more automakers are offering them as standard or optional features every year.


The Crosstrek comes standard with a full array of front and side impact airbags, a reversing camera, tire pressure monitoring system, LATCH child-seat anchor system, and vehicle dynamics control with traction control. The Crosstrek is also available with Subaru’s EyeSight safety system. EyeSight is a suite of safety tech that employs a pair of cameras and works with other vehicle sensors. The system provides forward-collision avoidance, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and sway warning.

You can also get options like automatic high beams, blind-spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert, and reverse automatic braking, which can stop automatically if you are reversing into an obstruction.

EyeSight also has a helpful feature for the distracted driver. If you’re in Drive at a stoplight, with a vehicle in front of you, and that vehicle pulls away, it will alert you. It’s basically a reminder if you’re distracted by your phone and the light turns green. While we don’t condone using your smartphone while driving (unless it’s paired with Bluetooth), this is a helpful feature for those distracted drivers out there.


The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek has a base MSRP of $21,795. A Premium trim starts at $22,595, and a range-topping Limited trim starts at $26,295. A fully loaded Crosstrek Limited can cross the $30,000 mark. Our Premium test model, which was outfitted with the optional CVT, moonroof, and EyeSight, clocked in at around $27,000.

That pricing never felt like the buyer would be paying too much. At the Base trim or the top end of the lineup, the Crosstrek is a good deal. Sure, the interior sometimes feels basic, but you’re still getting a lot of car. It handles surprisingly well, has solid acceleration, and can tackle snow and mud. Additionally, it has the latest safety and infotainment tech and an interior you won’t mind tossing gear into.

Some crossovers present an image but end with that image. The Subaru Crosstrek backs up the hype, because it puts substance, and how people actually live with their crossovers, above its image.


  • Интерьер
  • Экстерьер

Уникальная эргономика и комфорт

Смелый и утонченный интерьер Subaru XV подчинён всё той же концепции умного дизайна.

Эргономика — прежде всего! Она начинается с обзора, который открывается водителю: высокая посадка и продуманный дизайн кузова, оконных проёмов и стоек сводит “слепые” зоны к минимуму, дарит уверенность и контроль в потоке машин и на парковке.

Как только Вы откроете двери нового SUBARU XV, то сразу же заметите его изысканный и спортивный стиль. Просторнее и элегантнее, чем когда-либо прежде, контурные сиденья с электрорегулировками в 8 направлениях (для водителя) обеспечат комфорт для Вас и всех ваших пассажиров в продолжительных поездках.

Отличная обзорность

Инженеры Subaru сконструировали кузов, минимизировав слепые зоны для водителя при обзоре вперед и по сторонам: теперь препятствия, пешеходы и автомобили на дороге не будут для Вас сюрпризом во время движения — конструкция салона и перенесенные на двери боковые зеркала позволят Вам полностью контролировать пространство вокруг себя при движении и маневрировании.

Мультимедиа с голосовым управлением, Apple CarPlay и Android Auto, Bluetooth, системой навигации и цветным сенсорным дисплеем 8”*

Используйте самые популярные приложения с Apple CarPlay® и Android® Auto*. Функции распознавания голоса позволяют использовать громкую связь , чтобы обеспечить дополнительную безопасность, не отвлекая Вас от дороги. Для навигационной системы доступно бесплатное обновление в течение трёх лет.

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*Доступно в некоторых комплектациях.

Подогрев рулевого колеса*

В холодную погоду функция обогрева рулевого колеса согреет руки, чтобы Вы получали удовольствие от вождения Subaru XV не зависимо от времени года.

*Доступно в некоторых комплектациях.

Система бесключевого доступа и запуска двигателя при помощи кнопки Start/Stop

Когда брелок ключа рядом, например, в кармане одежды, система бесключевого доступа позволяет открыть передние двери, а также дверь багажного отсека, просто взявшись за ручку двери. Двигатель запускается при помощи кнопки.

6,3″ цветной многофункциональный дисплей

На цветной 6,3-дюймовый дисплей, удобно расположенный в верхней части центральной консоли, выводится полезная информация и предупреждения бортовых систем.

Навигационная система также подключается к многофункциональному дисплею и показывает необходимую информацию при приближении к перекрёсткам или поворотам.

4,2″ цветной дисплей* на приборной панели

Цветной 4.2-дюймовый дисплей приборной панели обеспечивает быстрый доступ к необходимой информации, которая легко считывается, позволяя водителю сосредоточить своё внимание на дороге.

*Доступно в некоторых комплектациях

Дорожный просвет 220 мм и постоянный полный привод

Новый Subaru XV тщательно подготовлен к вызовам, которые могут ждать вас на пути. Дорожные работы, высокие бордюры, непролазная сельская грязь и снежная целина оставят его равнодушным и не лишат вас спокойствия и уверенности.

Симметричный полный привод вместе с большим дорожным просветом в 220 мм. делают Subaru XV покорителем любых дорог. А с системой X-MODE, включённой в базовую комплектацию, управлять им на бездорожье очень удобно.

Светодиодные фары ближнего света и дальнего света с системой динамического освещения поворотов

При движении в поворотах система изменяет направление света фар в соответствии с положением рулевого колеса, за счёт чего улучшается видимость в темное время суток.

18-дюймовые легкосплавные диски*

Современный дизайн легкосплавных дисков подчеркнет уникальность Вашего SUBARU XV.

Интерьер Subaru Crosstrek

В салоне Subaru Crosstrek 2018 сразу заметна другая компоновка центральной консоли. В предыдущей версии Crosstrek центром композиции служил блок управления климатом, который был выполнен в интересном стиле.

В новом варианте на центральной консоли главенствует экран информационно-развлекательной системы. Две крутилки и кнопки переехали под него, дефлекторы воздуховодов, которые располагались над экраном, нашли место по обе его стороны.

Сенсорный экран мультимедийной системы стал больше. Заметно изменился стиль подачи информации на верхнем информационном дисплее. Раньше это была мешанина из цифр и значков синего цвета, теперь отображение показателей упорядочили, а изображение стилизовали под инженерный чертёж. Аналоговая панель приборов лишилась своего яркого голубого цвета оформления и стала более строгой.

В системы помощи водителя включена фирменная Subaru EyeSight – аналог системы автоматического экстренного торможения от других производителей, но она не входит в базовую комплектацию как на Impreza или уходящей модели Crosstrek.

Чтобы заполучить также адаптивный круиз-контроль и предупреждение о выходе из полосы движения необходимо раскошелиться на комплектацию Premium. В набор подушек безопасности входит подушка для коленей водителя.

Технические характеристики авто 2018 года

В качестве силового агрегата Subaru Crosstrek 2018 получит традиционный оппозитный двигатель из новой серии FB. Он способен выдать 154 л. с. и 196 Н·м крутящего момента. Некоторые источники утверждают, что ручная коробка передач не предусматривается. По другим данным будет доступна 6-ступенчатая ручная КП во всех версиях, кроме топовой.

Автоматическая трансмиссия будет представлена Continuously Variable Transmission, которая имитирует традиционный автомат, перемещаясь по семи предустановленным коэффициентам. Поможет на бездорожье система Subaru X-Mode.

Она способна подражать режиму блокировки дифференциалов и работать с низкими передаточными числами. Конечно, подражание – это не полноценная блокировка и «понижайка» и Subaru Crosstrek 2018 никогда не сравнится с настоящим внедорожником, но это один из лучших кроссоверов в плане проходимости.

По информации из разных источников жёсткость кузова увеличилась на 50-70%. Дорожный просвет составит 220 мм, при этом центр тяжести удалось опустить ещё на 5 мм. Предыдущая версия Subaru Crosstrek получила высший бал за безопасность, но инженеры не остановились на достигнутом. Новая модель Subaru увеличила количество поглощаемой энергии при ударе ещё на 40%.

Изменилась конструкция стабилизатора поперечной устойчивости, что привело к уменьшению кренов на 50%. Благодаря смене передаточного соотношения рулевого механизма с 14:1 на 13:1, рулевое управление стало острее. Ещё большей скорости совершения манёвров способствует система Active Torque Vectoring, которая подтормаживает внутреннее колесо во время поворота.

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We loved Subaru’s first-generation Crosstrek and a lot of you did too. However, it wasn’t perfect; the dashboard tech in particular left much to be desired. And in the years since its debut, the tall-wagon-slash-small-SUV segment that Subaru pioneered has become crowded with fresh and hungry competitors. Volkswagen’s Golf Alltrack, for example, was a German shot directly over Subaru’s bow, borrowing heavily from the Crosstrek’s formula.

But Subie fans needn’t fear, because the Crosstrek is back and this second-generation model promises to be even better than before. I hit the road in a loaded up 2018 Crosstrek 2.0i Limited to find out just how much better.

Prices shown are the prices people paid including dealer discounts for a used 2018 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i Premium CVT with standard options and in good condition with an average of 12,000 miles per year. Taxes and fees (title, registration, license, document and transportation fees) are not included.

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Our Take

The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek is a great improvement over the outgoing model, and among the best compact crossover SUVs on the market. With more engine power, the Crosstrek would be a world-beating crossover. If power is important to you, then your Subaru dealer will gladly accompany you to the WRX and STI section of the showroom, where you’ll find enough horsepower and torque to satisfy just about anyone.

But apples to apples, the new Crosstrek keeps everything you ever liked about the previous generation and adds so much new goodness that we have to give this car the seal of approval. If you go out and drive all the compact SUVs on the market, you’ll find that many of them are pushing $40,000 by the time you get all the features you can get on the Crosstrek. Plus many automakers are so busy shoehorning three rows of seats into their compact SUVs that they’ve forgotten to make them fun to drive.

The Crosstrek remains what it is – a truly compact and capable crossover that works as well in the city as it does on the trail or in the snow. And Subaru has kept the Crosstrek affordable and packed with features that deliver good value for your money. That’s more than enough reason to put this vehicle on your short list.

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