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Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin Vantage

Экстерьер в стиле авто Джеймса Бонда

Внешность Vantage 2019 модельного года рисовалась с оглядкой на концепт DB10, участвовавший в съемках блокбастера «Спектр» об очередных приключениях Джеймса Бонда. У суперагентского автомобиля новый спорткар позаимствовал общую геометрию кузова, сдвинутую вниз радиаторную решетку, контуры заднего диффузора и концепцию оформления светодиодной оптики.

Фото Астон Мартин Vantage 2018-2019

В результате получилась яркая, харизматичная и необычайно красивая двухдверка, которую впору вносить в список лучших образцов автомобильного дизайна. Помимо эффектного облика Вантаж наделен продвинутой аэродинамикой с множеством «тандемных» решений. Например, передний сплиттер функционирует вместе с задним диффузором, направляя воздушный поток под днищем по оптимальной траектории, заметно увеличивающей прижимную силу как спереди, так и сзади. В плане габаритов купе Aston Martin Vantage несколько крупнее предшественника: длина – 4465 мм (почти как у Porsche 911), ширина – 1942 мм, высота – 1273 мм и колесная база – 2704 мм.

Дизайн кормы спорткупе

Aston Martin Vantage 2018 Review

The sportiest, most track-ready series production Aston Martin yet, the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage, is also arguably also the most polished and perfected sports car the storied marque has produced. The second model range to debut under Aston Martin’s ‘Second Century’ rebirth, the Vantage leverages the company’s clever bonded aluminium platform and partnership with Daimler to arrive as a serious competitor to Porsche’s 911 and its distant AMG GT ‘relative’. The fact that the new Vantage is very much its own car in terms of look and feel also augurs well for differentiation across Aston’s line-up.

A slap in the face

With its brand-new 2018 Vantage, Aston Martin hasn’t just thrown down the gauntlet to the Porsche 911. It’s walked right up to the German icon and slapped it in the face.

The second family to be built under the burgeoning British sporting marque’s new ‘Second Century’ product plan, the new Aston Martin Vantage goes on sale Down Under mid-year at just under $300K.

It’s a very different car from the new DB11 with which Aston relaunched in 2016 and with which the Vantage sports car shares DNA. More focused. More driver-centric and with a dose of mongrel that’s infectious, the Aston Martin Vantage’s target is very clearly the Porsche 911.

And that’s important for Aston, not only to win buyers from Porsche and others. For the British sporting brand to prosper it has to have clearly delineated model offerings.

Quite apart from the capability and competence of this new sports car, if the separation between DB11 and the new Aston Martin Vantage can be built upon with Vanquish and other offerings, we are entering a golden era for a marque which too often has clutched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Look out 911 and GT

The new Aston Martin Vantage’s $299,950 price-tag parallels its key competitors and benchmarks in the Porsche 911 GTS and Mercedes-AMG GT S not dollar for dollar in both cases but pretty bloody close.

The mid-grade 911 is currently pegged at $289,790 in rear-drive PDK form, while the S variant of AMG speedster (the model best aligned to the Vantage) asks $298,711.

At its very basics, the new Aston Martin Vantage is a front/mid-engine car which features a twin-turbo V8 and rear-mounted eight-speed automatic gearbox, with 50:50 static weight distribution and independent suspension, 20-inch alloys and big disc brakes at all four corners.

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It wears unique and, dare I say, polarising styling that, as noted above, moves it some distance from the DB.

Aston uses the terms ‘predator’ and ‘fighter’ to define the Vantage. Accordingly, the pointy end is, er, pointy, with vestigial LED headlights and a large under-bumper air intake (the shape of which is about the only nod to traditional Aston Martin design cues).

The rear-end is dominated by hefty haunches and a diffuser that would not look out of place on a GT3 racer. And as if its sheer dimensions aren’t enough, Aston Martin chose to paint the aero aid bright colours on many of the launch cars.

There’s more aero under the car and the signature side-strakes have been swapped for more efficient ‘gills’. Overall, it’s far from the traditional Aston.

But the aero works. While the last generation of Vantage had substantial aerodynamic lift at its terminal speed, the new world of Aston promises effective downforce (around 80kg) for better stability and security. Oh, how things have changed.

At 4465mm the new Vantage is 80mm longer than the long-serving Vantage series it replaces but over 30mm shorter than the current 991.2 series 911 Carrera S.

The new Aston rides on a considerably longer wheelbase (2704mm) than the previous generation (2601) and also the 911 (2450). It’s also substantially wider than both the 911 (1942mm v 1808) and the outgoing Vantage (1866).

The AMG GT is longer than the new Aston Martin Vantage (4544mm) but is marginally narrower (1939) and rides on a shorter wheelbase (2630).

Of the trio, the Porsche is lightest. The new Aston weighs in at 1530kg — about 70kg heavier than the 911.

The Aston Martin Vantage is based on the same modular platform as the DB11 but is shorter, lighter and more driver-focused. Key to the sharper driving characteristics of the new sporting Aston is revised front suspension geometry and the dumping of the DB11’s separate rear sub-frame.

In the DB11, the isolated sub-frame is designed to deliver better compliance and a more refined car (in terms of ride and NVH). Solidly mounting the rear suspension and transaxle in the Vantage sharpens the whole chassis, gifting the car better handling and steering response.

The Vantage has myriad other detail changes when compared to its DB11 stablemate. Aston claims 70 per cent of the Vantage’s components are new. No visible parts are shared.

Blown V8

Like its DB11 V8 stablemate, however, the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage sports a version of Mercedes-AMG’s ‘hot-vee’ 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8.

Although the core engine is sourced from AMG, Aston’s own engineers at Gaydon have designed bespoke inlet and exhaust systems for the muscular eight. There’s also unique engine management software.

With a claimed 375kW at 6000rpm and 685Nm from 2000-5000rpm, the V8 is still in a relatively mild state of tune (mid-400s are possible). Instead, Aston says it has paid special attention to the new Vantage’s soundtrack.

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Gone is AMG’s over enthusiastic use of backfires and pops and bangs. There’s still plenty of drama but overall the British interpretation seems a little more restrained and business-like.

Aston is claiming a top speed in excess of 310km/h (195mph) and 0-100km/h time of just 3.6sec. Fuel economy is 10.5L/100km.

The Vantage is the first Aston to pair its eight-speed ZF transaxle-style auto with a BMW M-style electronically-controlled limited-slip differential for maximum agility.

The final drive ratio has also been lowered (ie: it’s numerically higher) to add a little more zip and effectively close up the gear ratios.

The ‘e-diff’ plays a significant contribution to the Vantage’s agility both on the track and the road.

As the driver cycles through the Aston’s chassis and powertrain drive modes (Sport, Sport Plus and Track modes via separate steering wheel buttons), not only are damper, throttle, exhaust and gearbox settings tuned, but so too is the e-diff.

In concert with the stability control system and torque vectoring (via brake), the e-diff contributes to better stability at high speeds and conversely more turn-in and power-down drive into and out of slow corners.

Credit too to the bespoke ‘A6A’ spec Pirelli P Zero tyres with which the Vantage comes standard — 255/40 at the front, 295 35 at the rear.

During our dry, fast track laps at the wonderful rollercoaster that is Autodromo Algarve at Portimao, the tyres delivered prodigious grip and relatively benign breakaway characteristics.

Even more impressive, however, was the same tyres’ performance during the next day’s streaming-wet 300km-plus road loop. Although the Italian tyres didn’t love standing water, in all other aspects they were very impressive. Feel through both ends of the car was at the very top end of the scale.

We experienced two braking systems on the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage launch: the regular ventilated two-piece cast-iron set-up (400mm/six-piston front; 360mm/four-piston rear); and optional carbon ceramics. Thanks in part to a revised (larger diameter) master-cylinder, both offered, short, confidence-inspiring pedal feel and plenty of power.

Контакты продавца

Aston Martin Vantage в АВИЛОН АУРА, Волгоградский и Автозаводская! Мощный и стремительный Aston Martin Vantage – роскошный суперкар на автомобильном рынке.

Гарантия на автомобиль 3 года.

Цвет кузова: Серебристый
Цвет салона: Черная кожа
Отделка интерьера: Карбон

Тормозные суппорты в красном цвете
Спортивные сидения с функцией вентиляции и подогрева
Вышивка на подголовниках сидений — логотип «Vantage»
Отделка потолка кожей с перфорацией
Выхлопные трубы в черном матовом цвете
Спортивное рулевое колесо
Зонт с креплением в багажнике
R20 легкосплавные диски Vantage глянцевые черные спицы в дизайне ‘Y’
Система камер кругового обзора

Предлагаем простой и удобный способ стать владельцем роскошного автомобиля Aston Martin уже сейчас.

КАСКО от 3% — 451 500 руб.

Кредит 11,9 % — Срок 60 месяцев, аванс 50%, ежемесячный платеж 167 010 руб.

Лизинг — от 6% удорожания в год — Срок 60 месяцев, аванс 49%, ежемесячный платеж 201 228 руб.

Пожалуйста, получите лучшее предложение у Вашего персонального менеджера.

Aston Martin Vantage 2018: фото

What are the Standout features?

While it is unmistakably an Aston Martin, it looks like nothing before from the British brand.

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The front-end is fantasic and its gaping air intake appears thoroughly menacing in the rear view mirror, as if it is about to swallow you up. But it’s the rear-end that is even more striking, with its W-shaped diffuser dominating the lower section while a thin strip of LED lights follows the gorgeous curve that links the tail lamps via the integrated lip spoiler in the hatch.

What is an Aston Martin Vantage?

Under its steel bodyshell, the Vantage rides on an evolution of the aluminium chassis first seen on Aston’s larger DB11 – the double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension hardware is identical, for instance – but Aston claims that overall the structure is 70% new.

Despite the use of aluminium, the Vantage is quite heavy at 1,630kg – similar to the AMG GT and 911 Turbo Coupe, though over 150kg heavier than a rear-wheel drive Porsche 911. Even so, the near 50:50 weight distribution and electronic rear differential should help with the way the Vantage drives.

When it comes to styling, you have a range of colour combinations to go for, from a restrained black and red interior to a more striking finish with Copper tan, Lime Essence or Yellow Tang. So the Vantage is back, but with its price hike and large titanium front grille that bears a slight resemblance to the Vulcan hypercar. It’s not quite the same as it used to be either.

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